Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We are Axed

Last sunday while skimming The Hindu-Cinema plus, a movie name caught my eye - Karungaali. This is a tree which is used for making axe which in turn used to cut trees.
The only thing which struck a chord is Politicians. We (karungaali tree) make the politicians(axe) who in turn cut us(tree).
Even though i feel so bad when various scams pop out like pop corn, i feel much worse of the feeling that people are getting more and more immune(including me). I wonder how we are so immune to the corruption thats happening all over.
Even the so called fraud samiyaars who got caught red handed on tape not the one who is striking your mind right now but the one who gimmicked chain magic, lingam magic and so on. He swindled but after sometime he started public services like building hospitals, providing water, roads etc.
The don of dons, Pablo Escobar too did so much good for the people, which shielded him from the hands of cop for so many years.
They do the same thing what our karungaalis do but do atleast return a part of it.
But our beloved ruling politicians even after becoming an octogenarian are hesitant to do some good for the people and making sure not a penny is dropped from their pocket even unknowingly.They start saving for their son, grandson till the grandson of the next millenium. Addresses all the issues pertaining to their family based income. They do help people by giving freebies but regain it back by other means. I really like a phrase from Rajinis movie which urge the people to ask for job rather than free sarees and dhoties.
Another septuagenarian milking money in sugar and cotton which in turn made each and every common person suffer due to sky rocketing inflation.
I donno whether they will stop swindling even when they turn super centenarian.............i think certainly not!!!!!!!
Even the younger generation politicians from the same blood do the same old thing........why blood-same blood!!!!!!!!!
Even after their death i dont think people will be relieved as another new person gonna hold the baton and start the same relay.
A revolution or coup which can change the whole scenario has to happen to sanitize the whole nation prevent the axe from destroying the poor tree.


DR.M.EZHILAN said...

நல்ல பதிவு சந்திரா...

chandrasegar said...

@Ezhilan- thanks da mama

Anonymous said...

You quote Superstar ... I'm thinking, like Chinna kalaivaanar Vivek said " Oru periyar illa da, nooru periyar vantha kooda ungala thiruthamudiyaathu" ... that holds true for the samiyars, the bakthargal, the arasiyal VYADHIS( DISEASE) , & the makkal.... btw, when I saw the title, I thought your blogpost was about our favorite maram-vetti Doctor !!

Ippadikku ,

Azhwarkadiyan engira Thirumalai..

chandrasegar said...

@azhwarkadiyan- vandhiyathevan ezhuthuvathu enna venral nandri.
mama pazhuvettarayar kooda lastla mariduvar aana namma vyadhis mattum appadiya eruppanga....wat u say?