Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Me and Myself

College days is always about happiness, fun and entertainment. We used to hunt in packs to cinemas, hotels, everywhere. Sometimes we find people who always used to be in the crowd suddenly going alone to a bar or a cinema. Whenever we ask them who accompanied and the answer will be "me and myself". We used to make fun as we considered going alone is cardinal sin.
After college days, life is completely different with more of problems, work, earning and not the least getting married.
When i think retrospectively the "me and myself" concept, it should be given a serious thought in our busy schedule.
The only person to whom we can be true is to ourself. So putting in some questions and answering them truthfully atleast to ourself makes our mind clear and happy like what anti-virus for our pc.
This removes most of the spam and unwanted programmes in our system and re boot our system installing the newer updates. This makes our system energetic and to look forward to the near future refreshingly.
When i tried myself answering to my own questions i was rattled about the masked life and the real life. But atleast it helps in analyzing the truths and solutions needed to live a good life.
If the relationship doesn't make us happy than it is left up to us to decide on whether to pursue or not because we might be facing the wrong one or "googly".
In this modern world, even if we cannot decipher and hit a boundary, atleast we should learn how to bat over these mystery balls.