Thursday, November 18, 2010

Long live Our Culture....


I had a deep thought and analyzed many times in my mind before coming up with the idea of posting this blog.

Me and my friend were travelling to coimbatore and came across an incident which made me feel very bad and started cursing our system.

When we were travelling towards coimbatore in NH 47 which at present is a two lane with umpteen traffic all the time, there was a road traffic accident. As it was night time we were not sure were the accident has taken place and so we rightly parked behind a truck. I could see people showing their supposed to be intelligence and started moving on the left which is mud road and formed the second lane. After a couple of minutes our public transports started plying on the right side and blocked the traffic from the opposite side by making it the third lane. The story never ended there but state transport buses started taking the fourth lane which is the right side mud lane. So everyone stalled the traffic on both the sides and as usual everyone out of their respective vehicles and started their imagination of what would have happened across us and everyone had their own to cook.

After 10 minutes heard an ambulance sound on the opposite direction. The siren was on for about 30 minutes and i could hear very clearly sensing that it is going to pass by any minute. But it got stalled in the so called four lane traffic and was struggling to pass the traffic. After 40 minutes it went past us and traffic got cleared in the descending order. While we started to move from the traffic to my horror the accident site was just 300 to 400 metres away from where we were. I started cursing our system, our people's mind set and compared them with the west. So much was my frustration i could not hold back any longer.

The incident was in my mind for quite few days and really felt bad about it. I felt that everyone should change as west and follow proper road sense. Even i came out with an idea of passing a resolution in the Parliament that everyone should re apply for new license within a span of two years but this time a proper test both written and practical should be conducted. Those who pass this test should be the ones to take the road from 2013(I mean a proper test not like 2G license distribution......!!!!!!!!). In doing so we can see a paradigm shift as far as road sense is concerned.Dont u agree with me?????.

I was trying to analyze the mind set of both the east and the west and in doing so i am afraid of the change.

In the western countries people are more concerned about what others think about them in the public life and follow all rules and regulations. They make everyone comfortable as far as public discipline is concerned. When it comes to their private life, they are least bothered about what others think and do what makes them only happy. Not bothered a pinch about letting their parents, child or their partners(!!!!) in the middle of nowhere.

In India, we are least bothered about the public discipline but when it comes to their own private life, more concerned about what others think and lead a very disciplined life. Whether they like it or not, try to be closer to their own family i.e.,taking care of their parents, their partner and children even if they are not 100% happy.

In India we call a person whoz out of marriage as divorcee whereas they name them as single which in turn paves the way for hunting more!!!!

I am not concluding what we do in public is good but we can be a little bit refined and not forgetting to hold on to our culture roots in private life too!!!!!!!!

To put in Kamalhassan's Dasavatharam style....kadavul (road sense)ellanu sollalae...... eruntha nallarukkum
So the diversion starts......which road(culture) do you choose????

Long live India........