Friday, September 11, 2009

The Rumor Bomb

Hey guys,
Today i feel totally devastated on hearing the news of stampede which plucked 5 innocent lives in Delhi high school.
The devastation is more since it is caused due to rumour bomb.I am not able to understand why all these unnecessary hoax originate without even thinking of the consequences.
I am here to share such an incident happened in Tamilnadu and its after effects.
It was a sunny sunday afternoon and waiting for my 2 year old boy to get up from his sleep to immunise him againt polio. Yes that was Polio day in both Tamilnadu and Karnataka.
After making sure that there in no long standing queue in the polio booth my wife and mother took him for polio vaccine.
Within 10 minutes of their exit my father called me to tell me a horrifying news that 3 children died in another polio booth in our city due to the vaccine. I immediately rushed to our booth to stop them from administering but it was too late as i could see my son gulping chocolates at the nearby store. I was shell shocked and not able to react. When i switched on my idiot box one tamil news channel was flashing this many dead in these districts and so on.
I then called my friend who is a paediatrician and was enquiring about the side effects or symptoms of vaccine failure and i passed on the message to my wife. He asked me to keep my kid under observation for 4 hours.
As a father and husband not able to show my stress rushed out of my home to a nearby hospital to see whats going on. Adding fuel to fire whoever i met, where telling me stories of this many death here, there and everywhere. Hospitals were overflowing with most of the parents with their kid a state very hard to explain.
Those four hours of observation on my kid for any signs or symptoms as a father has no words.
The next day it was claimed as hoax to the relief of all.
The next dose of polio drops which was just few weeks away had very few takers as a result of the previous shock caused by the rumour.
In Psychology of Rumor, Gordon Allport and Joseph Postman concluded that, "as rumor travels it [...] grows shorter, more concise, more easily grasped and told."
The animals(it is insulting animals though) who are involved in these kind of rumors should be ordered capital punishment and it should echo in each and everyone's ears before trying to utter any of these kind.
This rumour bomb punishment should also include the politicians who give promises during election and treat it as words written in running water.
Its high time for the younger generation to break the shackles and make a hybrid society devoid of polluting agents in all forms.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Man's Perception

In this blog i would like to share about our basic human psychology.
Yesterday as people say it is a black day b'cos of the tragic death of Andhra C.M. Y.S.Rajasekara Reddy.
I am not very good in politics (maybe little knowledge about Tamilnadu politics) but implying from all news channel and interviews he is supposed to be stalwart both in A.P. and Indian politics. Going by history right from his padayatra in 2004 till date supposed to a very good administrator and leader of the masses.
After going thru all the news a thing struck me about our human psychology and i could recall some of it which i studied during my post grad days. It goes like humans have the tendency to think themselves as unique and also they have a feeling that something happening normally will not affect them.
This instinct in every individual's mind is the one which made us evolve from stone age to the modern techie age.
This Beautiful mind has produced many Ramanujams, Einsteins, Gandhis and so on.....
But i am not here to talk about the boon but the bane of this thinking.
Here are some examples which many commonly follow...
Census says most accidental deaths caused due to head injury but we do not wear helmet or seat belt while driving.
Especially while driving we hardly keep our mobile phone down as we always feel thats the only time to catch up in business or with friends.
Saturday nights- our rule is to drink and drive which also leads to numerous accidents.
Do we spare a thought about Smoking and drinking which are injurious to health?
We do not like to wear a protective gear while travelling to swine flu affected areas.
We never head to things which our elder advises right from our childhood to what our government imposes when we are adult......but our perception is what we think is ONLY correct.
My reason for this blog is if Y.S.R headed to the advise of his colleagues not to travel due to bad weather conditions and postpone his trip this catastrophy would have been averted and his legacy would have continued for the welfare of the people.
It is left upto us to go by our mind and decide which road to take.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Tree Story.....

Hi guys after much of thinking and pondering about am i ready for this, I am making my virgin attempt to step into the world of blogging.
I would like to convey my regards to bharathi who instilled confidence to write my own blog.

I want to be a tree and putforth some questions to us(humankind).....
As a

I form a very important form of your eco system and help you in many ways.
You have destroyed most of my mates for your own inhabitation and now after years of destruction you guys have woke up to new ideas but with flaws......
You come up with an extarordinary idea of "
one family one tree" but.....does your electricity board allow me to grow......the answer is no.....the people from e.b. not even with a slightest of hesitation chop me off much more than necessary. Why not your government educate them to know my value and cut the needed parts for post erection or whatever.

If a political party want to show their untowardness they chop off even 60-70 years old trees to show their regret......are you guys being kind enough to even think a second about what you are doing......the answer is big nooooo.

Again to instill confidence on your own humble voters and to be on news you plant samplings which within a week dies b'cos of zero maintenance......Voters wake up dont get wooed by your own political party.....

People in Tamilnadu and karnataka boast of beautiful 4 lane, 6 lane, carpet road and so on but my brothers in Kerala living a peaceful life but people in t.n and karnataka say b'cos of communism etc they are not developed. No wonder I am jealous about my Brothers living in
Gods Own Country.

You humans emit CO2 in all forms but not enough of me left to breathe all CO2 and reciprocate with O2 for your own living resulting in all forms of allergy right from kids to elders.
Why not you people wake up and let me grow as I help in all sorts of way for the soon to be "Endangered Human species".
To add some spice i am the one who instilled Newton his THIRD LAW, given Buddha KNOWLEDGE and so on........
The END.
Guys I have posted this post as my heart is feeling very heavy coz my 14 year old neem tree and mayflower tree are to be partially chopped off to erect electric post for supplying current to the adjacent houses and i feel like these questions were raised to me from my own trees...........
I feel sad for my son as he feeds crows every day which sits on both neem tree and mayflower tree which are to be chopped off for want of electricity.
But i have a lovely wife who did plant lots of trees inside our home which evoked my inner self to love them seeing them grow, bear fruits....I am even happy that
squirells are not letting us to taste even one of our hybrid pomegranates!!!!!!!!!!

Hope the system changes and give new lease of life atleast to the existing trees in the World.
Let the trees do selfless service to 100%selfish human species.