Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green Revolution

Hi Guys,
Its been really long time since i blogged but after hectic schedule with my business i have a lovely theme to write upon.
Everyone is very much aware of the fact regarding global warming and stuff like that.
I had a deep thought about it and when considering what a layman will think about global warming the answer is "i dont care". This is what everyone's mentality is all about when we speak about global issues. We can blame it on the developed world, developing world and so on but the damage is as such to the globe itself.
The only way to minimise damage control is one and only by hard rule to the common man so he is left with no other choice than to follow it atleast by hate.
To control global warming.........can we stop using motor transport or minimize electricity consumption or infrastructure development or deforestation..... no we can't.
Atleast can a man be contented with what he got and lead a peaceful life the answer is always a perpendicular middle finger.
When people were asked to be very conservative about water no one gave it a thought. When the then CM of Tamilnadu made it a hard rule that rain water harvesting should be done then it got materialised but then she lost her job which is another story.
The present CM made a rule that tamil movies should have tamil title for tax waiver and made tamil titles possible.
Taking a cue from their work ......i suggest a rule to control global warming.
Trees minimize Carbon di oxide emission which is the main cause(72%) for global warming.
Trees breathe CO2 for their living and emits O2 which we breathe.
If we say "one family one tree" no one is serious.
I have a plan.....ten years plan for green revolution.
Make a rule that after ten years electricity, motor vehicles etc will be alloted based only on how many trees they grow in their house and working place.
If we implement this rule right away people will be left with no other option than to grow trees wherever they could atleast for their own benefits or not to get bereaved of their luxury.
That too the first category trees should be one fruit bearing and one for medicinal importance is a must which indirectly helps in controlling food inflation too. Second category is trees for furniture and paper. Third one is flower and ornamental trees.
For people in flats, there should be provision for planting trees individually just like obtaining parking space individually. When we can spend so many lakhs to obtain a flat why not a small space for growing trees be added to it. Dont i smell good.!!!!!!!!!
If this comes into effect people will be more worried about their trees than even money as trees will be the deciding factor on their own luxury.
If cricket is a religion then after this revolution trees will also be if not more religious.
Please take this into consideration and let this mother earth live for our future generations to breathe upon.
Lets hear bird chirping, trees sashaying not in the forest but also in and around our area too. Dreaming about that kind of environment itself makes me feel so good.
I even thinking about put-forth this idea to our environmental minister for consideration.
Awaiting your valuable comments.


Anonymous said...

That's a good thought but like many good thoughts, its going to be very hard to make it reality in India., esp. when its about something abstract like Global Warming.... you should surely put-forth this idea to the Minister, better yet, become a representative of the people urself... I'm not kidding .... the only problem is, Dr.Ramadoss will be very upset that u r doing exactly the opposite of what he did to become famous .... by ur calculation, in his parambarai, nobody should have a car or use electricity for the next 10 generations .. !!
Raman seruppai kayyil endhiya thambi .

chandrasegar said...

thanks for ur comments, btw is it bharathan?