Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whoz the BOSS???????

We all talk so much about BRIC countries, their development, growth, infrastructure and the march towards super power status. We are really proud of what we have achieved in the last 2 to 3 decades and looking forward to the heights we grow in the next decade or two.
I used to talk to my friends living abroad about how we are progressing in all departments and how we are going to be on par with the countries they live in......!!!!.But the grim reality is that we are on the degenerative state and still going further down maybe swiftly towards the brink of extinction.
Are you wondering i'm mad and blabbering??????Absolutely not!!!!!!!!I'm true......
India is very proud about being the second largest manufacturer in Cement and predicts growth to be 10% annually. Isn't it great? No my dear friend. Cement industries are more damaging to the environment and cause irreparable hazards to both health and environment (h&e). But cement factories are banned in most of the developed countries, they pay more and import from under developing countries. We see money........
Being involved in textile business too, i could see all the possible damages caused to both h&e. India shares 6% of the global market and we aim much higher year on year. Even though we produce..............., all the latest innovative machines are imported and techniques are borrowed from developed western countries. The buyers also demand the products to be produced from their latest staple and we also oblige to do so.
Around the city there are lots of complaints of ground water mixing with dyeing water....... even in agriculture fields. There are lots of factories which let the dyeing water into the bore well for their monetary benefits but in turn causing irreversible damage to the ground water and soil.......
Even though everything is borrowed from them, those same machineries are banned for usage in their respective countries. But we use them and make sure that we spoil both h&e.
The same thing goes in for all the industries which use chemicals like leather, fertilizer to name a few. To put it in short, "chemicals are directly proportional to h&e. The more the chemicals the more the irreparable damage."
The generation which is living right now is enjoying the money and power which comes with the destruction but what is left for the future generation?
Do they feel an iota of sympathy for the future??????
The western developed countries are preserving the environment for the future generation and steadily moving forward. But we think ourselves as the boss as we are producing what they want and minting money. But we have to think real deep to conclude whoz the boss....????We can only call ourself as wealthy laborers but not the boss. The real boss is calculative enough to extract the maximum from his highly skilled labors and if the nation suddenly wakes up, is cunning enough to look out for the aspiring countries which wants to see money and grow.
I came across a book which has written about Mr.Kumarappa who lived during the Gandhian era. An environmentalist at that time was against Nehru's aspiration to develop India like Russia by implementing heavy industries. He wanted India to develop only by developing agriculture that too without cultivating potentially harmful soil degrader.
Our aviation department is under dilemma whether to construct New mumbai airport by destroying the mangroove forest or to acquire only a part of SEZ land owned by the richest in business. What say you??????
To put it in Actor vadivelu's style "evan evallavu adichalum thangaaran da......evan romba nallavannnu solli taan da........". Doesn't it aptly suit for what the mind we are currently involved in ?????????
We are in search for wealth but in turn losing on nature which is supposedly left for all the future generations to live. Contrarily this thinking is taken care of in the west.We are puppets who can only dance to the tunes of the show man.
So you say "whoz the boss?????"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We are Axed

Last sunday while skimming The Hindu-Cinema plus, a movie name caught my eye - Karungaali. This is a tree which is used for making axe which in turn used to cut trees.
The only thing which struck a chord is Politicians. We (karungaali tree) make the politicians(axe) who in turn cut us(tree).
Even though i feel so bad when various scams pop out like pop corn, i feel much worse of the feeling that people are getting more and more immune(including me). I wonder how we are so immune to the corruption thats happening all over.
Even the so called fraud samiyaars who got caught red handed on tape not the one who is striking your mind right now but the one who gimmicked chain magic, lingam magic and so on. He swindled but after sometime he started public services like building hospitals, providing water, roads etc.
The don of dons, Pablo Escobar too did so much good for the people, which shielded him from the hands of cop for so many years.
They do the same thing what our karungaalis do but do atleast return a part of it.
But our beloved ruling politicians even after becoming an octogenarian are hesitant to do some good for the people and making sure not a penny is dropped from their pocket even unknowingly.They start saving for their son, grandson till the grandson of the next millenium. Addresses all the issues pertaining to their family based income. They do help people by giving freebies but regain it back by other means. I really like a phrase from Rajinis movie which urge the people to ask for job rather than free sarees and dhoties.
Another septuagenarian milking money in sugar and cotton which in turn made each and every common person suffer due to sky rocketing inflation.
I donno whether they will stop swindling even when they turn super centenarian.............i think certainly not!!!!!!!
Even the younger generation politicians from the same blood do the same old thing........why blood-same blood!!!!!!!!!
Even after their death i dont think people will be relieved as another new person gonna hold the baton and start the same relay.
A revolution or coup which can change the whole scenario has to happen to sanitize the whole nation prevent the axe from destroying the poor tree.